Shunpike: The Business of Art

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Site Credits 

Site Credits

This website was made possible due to the fine work of the following people and companies:

Site Design

Sarah Bylsma, Pyramid Communications

Site Development

Jason Justice

Information Architecture

Frank Chiachiere

Project Management

Spaeth Projects


Image Credits


Image 1 | Elizabeth Rose, Jill Schaffner & Bridget Gunning in ticktock’s “ticktock vs. Perseus” | Sculpture by Miguel Edwards | Photo by Terry Wallace

Image 2 | Catherine Cabeen & Karena Birk in Catherine Cabeen & Company’s “Chromatic Dispersion” | Photo by Tim Summers

Image 3 | “Awesome” performance in Storefronts Seattle location | Photo by Renata Almeida

Image 4 | Washington Middle School students rehearse Pat Graney Company’s “House of Mind | Photo by Tim Summers


Mark Siano in Mark Siano Productions’ “The Soft Rock Kid” | Photo by Stephen Vest