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Programs & Services 

Want Help Managing Your Arts Business, Project, or Creative Enterprise?

Providing arts business advice has been a cornerstone of Shunpike’s services for independent artists and arts groups since the organization was established in 2001. Whether you have questions about the relative benefit of different organizational structures, or want to learn more about fundraising, marketing, board development, managing money, events, risks, or people, Shunpike is a reliable, practical, and affordable resource.

Shunpike offers two entry points for accessing arts business advice from seasoned arts professionals:

Arts Business Clinics

In 2019, Shunpike will host four Arts Business Clinics. We invite professionals in the field to present on arts business topics from marketing and branding, to event fundraising, to strategic planning. This is a low cost way to gain valuable information and ask questions that are specific to your goalsAll clinics are from 6-8pm, and attendees are asked to register in advance. Up Next: November 25 from 6-8PM on the topic of “Budgeting & Tracking Your Funds”. Registration opening soon!

Arts Business Dates

Arts Business Dates take your relationship with Shunpike’s Arts Business Advisors to the next level. On an Arts Business Date you meet with one or two Advisors, in a mutually convenient location, at a mutually convenient time. On your ‘date’ you have the opportunity to discuss your arts business challenges with experienced arts professionals and ask questions specific to your arts project or creative enterprise. Each Date gets you a dedicated 30 minutes from your allocated Advisors.

In return, you pay a $20, non-refundable, booking fee (payable to Shunpike), and agree to buy a hot drink for your Advisors (maybe even a cookie!). To book your Arts Business Date email