Shunpike: The Business of Art

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Programs & Services 

Programs & Services

Fiscal Sponsorship Services

Start accepting tax-exempt donations for your arts group or project through our fiscal sponsorship program.

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Arts Business Advice Service

Shunpike offers two entry points for accessing arts business advice from seasoned arts professionals.

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Storefronts Program &

Amazon Artist-in-Residency

Our Storefronts and Residency programs provide visual artists with unique space to create and exhibit their art.

Storefronts      Residency


ACES: Artists of Color Expo & Symposium

ACES Expo & Symposium is a two-day, POC-led, community-curated event with supplemental programming year round.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you serve arts groups outside of Seattle?

Yes. Shunpike serves arts groups and projects across Washington state.

Do you serve individual artists?

Shunpike’s Arts Business Services are also available to individual artists as well as individuals that lead arts groups. Shunpike also serves many individual artists through the Storefronts program.

While we primarily extend fiscal sponsorship to arts groups, solo individuals who lead clearly articulated projects with community benefit can still be eligible for Shunpike’s Fiscal Sponsorship Programs.

Do you serve worthy projects outside of the arts?

Shunpike is driven by its mission, which is rooted in the arts. If you believe your project’s goals are in line with our mission but are not typically classified as “arts,” contact us to see if we can help.

How can I get a storefront for my arts project?

Artists and arts groups participating in Storefronts are approved through a formal application process. Sign up for our newsletter, where you’ll hear about the next open application cycle for the program as it’s announced.

I need help “getting my fundraising started” / “budgeting for my project” / “launching an advisory board” / “deciding if my project should be nonprofit or for-profit.” Can you help?

Yes, on all counts! The best place to start for these questions and more is in a 30-minute Clinic Consultation. Check out the next scheduled session, and contact us for an appointment. We’ll get you started on the right path.