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Donating to Shunpike: How It Works

Through its fiscal sponsorship program, Shunpike allows member groups to pursue tax-deductible donations from individuals, corporations, foundations and government agencies.

Shunpike takes its responsibility – to donors, to the arts groups we serve and to agencies like the IRS – very seriously. At the same time, we are inspired by the flexibility this program offers emerging arts projects as they build high-quality programming. We are proud to serve the community by shepherding their donations to worthy arts groups and projects.

What Happens to the Funds?

When you make a gift to a member organization or project, the donation is given to Shunpike, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Shunpike’s contract with its member groups specifies that donations can be received on their behalf and held in a designated fund. At the time of receipt, Shunpike takes a percentage of the gift – either 7 or 10%, depending on the Shunpike service level the member group has chosen.

The gift you have made to Shunpike is considered fully tax-deductible, and can be recognized at the full value you intended. (Keep an eye out for a receipt from Shunpike that will verify that value.) The fee of 7 or 10% is paid by the member group in order to participate in Shunpike’s programs of fiscal sponsorship and other back-office services.

After receipt by Shunpike, your donation remains in the member group’s fund until they submit a request to disburse funds in support of their project. At any time, a member group can learn the balance of their fund, along with other donor and financial data.

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Please feel free to get in touch with any questions about our fiscal sponsorship model and your donation.

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