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Catapult Dance

Catapult Dance is known for its use of a hybrid of movement forms including moderndance, contact improvisation, martial arts and physical theater. The company utilizes physical experimentation and practiced methods of falling, flying and inversions to create a sensual, kinetic, emotional landscape.
The nine dancers and one musician in Catapult Dance push the physical boundaries of movement and technique through an intense rehearsal process that builds the trust and technical skill necessary to safely execute the physical material in these pieces. The work is a collaboration of choreography from Michele Miller and the dancers. Musician Nico Torres plays live at every rehearsal, driving and inspiring the process.
We strive to share both our physical practice and our creative process with the general public through classes and workshops open to the community, and lecture/demonstrations in which we invite the audience to discuss with us the current issue we are exploring.

Michele Miller/Catapult Dance has been a Shunpike-affiliated group since September 2016

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