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Programs & Services 

Photo by Andrew Pogue | GREG LEWIS, “BOXED UP” – Storefronts Installation


Program Overview

Shunpike partners with city and community business leaders in Seattle and several Puget Sound cities to activate downtown cores by matching artists and arts groups with vacant storefronts. This program is part of an international wave of community-driven collaboration between neighborhoods, cities, businesses and artists.

Storefronts Seattle

Storefronts Seattle began in early 2010, when members of the historic Pioneer Square and Chinatown-International District neighborhoods sought solutions for the growing number of vacant storefronts in the area. The Seattle program has since activated storefronts in Belltown, Capitol Hill, the International District, Pioneer Square, South Lake Union, and the Waterfront, in addition to the International District and Pioneer Square.

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Storefronts Around the Sound

Shunpike has also taken the Storefronts program to several other cities in the Puget Sound area, including Auburn, Bellevue and Mount Vernon.

storefronts auburn


Storefronts Bellevue


Storefronts Mount Vernon



Andrew Pogue is a photographer specializing in architecture and the built environment and is documenting Storefronts as an on-going personal project. |

For 10 years, Massive Monkees dreamed of having a creative space to teach dance, build with other local artists, and continue to grow artistically. Storefronts Seattle provided Massive Monkees with an opportunity to explore that possibility and test if the business of running a studio would actually be sustainable. Through Storefronts’ granting Massive Monkees a studio space, that dream was realized and our vision for possibilities has grown. We are now running a successful arts-based business. The future of Massive Monkees and the next generation of Hip Hop Artists in Seattle is brightened by Massive Monkees’ Studio: The Beacon. On behalf of Massive Monkees and the 1000+ people who have signed up for programs at The Beacon, I want to thank Storefronts for helping provide a space where we can come together and grow.

- Brysen Angeles, Massive Monkees (Storefronts 2012-2013)