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For Artists 

What does the application process involve?

To be eligible to apply for the Storefronts roster, artists must demonstrate that they are residents of Washington State, over 18 years of age, and creating original creative works.

Shunpike issues a Call for Artists for the Storefronts roster once a year – generally in October.  Applications to the Storefronts program cost $25 and are submitted online via the Submittable system (see Submittable).  One application per artist or artist group will be accepted per call. You should make sure you sign up to Shunpike’s email list so you can keep up with the latest news about the Storefronts program.

Applications to Storefronts are reviewed by an independent panel comprising: professional artists, arts administrators, local business owners, real estate professionals, and community advocates. Proposals are assessed for relevance, viability, community engagement, and creative merit. Proposals must be G-rated and suitable for all audiences in accordance with State and local laws.

Materials required for submissions include:

  • Artist Bio, 400 words or less
  • Artist Statement, 400 words or less
  • 4-6 work samples with related work list
  • Project Proposal, including:
    • Brief conceptual statement, 400 words or less
    • Specific technical and space requirements
    • Budget and source of funding (proposals may be self-funded)
    • Timeline required to prepare your project– 2 months or less is suggested
    • Mock-up, sketch, or detailed written description of the project in a hypothetical space

When do you call for artists?

Shunpike advertises one Calls for Artist annually in October.  Make sure you subscribe to Shunpike’s e-news so you can be sure to know when the next deadline is.

Do you only present visual artists? 

Installations are either 2-D or 3-D visual installations viewable only through the windows.

Do I get paid for my work?

Artists in the Installations track of the program are paid an all-inclusive $500 stipend.

What associated costs should I expect?

All licenses, materials, and consumables are the responsibility of the artist. This includes hanging hardware, business licenses, temporary walls, tools, fixtures, and other materials that may be required to install the project.

Shunpike pays for reasonable utilities and general liability insurance for artists.

 Can I share my storefront with another artist?

Storefronts cannot be sub-leased or loaned to other artists during the project term. The Program Manager may occasionally place two projects in the same physical space if the storefront is unusually large. Proposals submitted by two or more artists for a collaborative storefront project are always welcome.

Can I choose my storefront?

The Program Manager endeavors to match artists’ projects with the best available storefronts available, however space is limited and you may not be offered your first choice of storefront.  If you don’t like the space available you are offered, you can decline twice before your proposal will no longer be considered for placement.

Am I guaranteed a space once I am on the roster?

While we will do our best to place all roster artists, due to the variable nature of the property market, Shunpike cannot guarantee any particular space, neighborhood, or time frame.  Artist proposals are kept on the roster for 18 months and expire after this term.

Do I have to have my own insurance?

Shunpike maintains General Liability insurance for artists participating in the Storefronts program.

Shunpike does NOT maintain insurance for property damage or theft of artworks, or materials and/or equipment owned by the artist and this coverage is the responsibility of the artist.

What else is expected of me if I am given a storefront?

You should expect to provide all the labor and tools needed to safely and professionally complete your project.  Shunpike will offer basic installation support and assistance on site.

As part of each Storefronts residency Shunpike usually hosts some kind of public engagement event (such as a launch, artist talk or art walk).  As much as it is possible and practicable, Shunpike would like all artists participating in the Storefronts program to make themselves available for public engagement activities.

Will Shunpike document my work while it is in a storefront?

Shunpike generally takes photographic documentation of all storefronts presented in the program.  Participating artists are expected to sign a Release Form allowing Shunpike the right to take such photos and use them, royalty-free, for any non-commercial purposes.

What help can Shunpike offer me?

Shunpike provides guidance about insurance, licenses, municipal code, and installation/de-installation support as needed.