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About Us 


  • Line Sandsmark – Executive Director

  • Jamie Walsh – Marketing & Development Coordinator

  • Danika King – Finance Administrator

  • Corey McDaniel – Client Manager, Artist Programs & Services

  • Rebecca Davis – Client Manager, Artist Programs & Services

  • Hanako O’Leary – Client Manager, Storefronts Program Coordinator


Line Sandsmark – Executive Director

Line Sandsmark joined the Shunpike team as its Executive Director at the end of March 2016. Sandsmark’s international and local arts leadership experience includes working as producer or executive director for various film organizations in Scandinavia, in addition to her more recent roles as development director, then managing director of Northwest Film Forum. Her short films have been distributed through international festivals and broadcasters, and her work in the field of documentary financing and production has taken her all over the world. Sandsmark has also collaborated extensively with performing arts groups in theater, dance, and music.  She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Comparative Literature at the University of Washington, conducted post-graduate studies in Critical Theory at University of Paris – Sorbonne, and earned her MFA in Arts Leadership at Seattle University. She has authored commissioned reports on the viability and sustainability of film and cinema initiatives in both Norway and the Middle East, and has focused on similar issues facing the film and fashion sectors of the Pacific Northwest. The intersection of art and commerce is a recurring theme in Sandsmark’s work which fuels her passion and a commitment to sustainability in the arts sector.

line [at] shunpike [dot] org


Jamie Walsh – Marketing & Development Coordinator

Jamie has a BA in Art history, a MS in Arts Management, and loves supporting artists and making things happen. She has worked in the field of supporting artists in nonprofit settings for the past 10 years. She has previously worked as the Program Manager of the OSLP Arts & Culture Program in Eugene, OR and has helped to launch three annual community wide events in Eugene including: EUZINE Comics & Zines Fest, Springfield Art & Chalk Fest, and So Small: A Miniature Art Show & Silent Auction. Prior to working at Shunpike, she used her passion for the arts to create and advocate for inclusive opportunities for artists some consider to have disabilities.

jamie [at] shunpike [dot] org


Corey McDaniel – Client Manager, Programs & Services

 Corey McDaniel is an arts practitioner and administrator working with Shunpike as a client manager.  His administrative and management background includes working in executive level management in and out of the entertainment business as well as with non-profits in the arts, wildlife, and human rights.  Since moving to Seattle in 2006 he has worked with many local theatre and film companies supporting in marketing, development, fundraising, public relations, education, and administration. Corey is the producing artistic director of Theatre22.  He also spends his evenings working as a  director and actor where his work has been seen with Book-Rep, Cornish College of the Arts, ACT, Island Shakespeare Festival, 14/48, Wooden O, Theater Schmeater, Harlequin, Mt. Baker Theater, GreenStage, Seattle Public Theatre, and SecondStory Rep.  Prior to moving to Seattle Corey spent numerous years overseas as both an educator and administrator of the performing arts.

coreym [at] shunpike [dot] org


Rebecca Davis – Client Manager, Programs & Services

Rebecca Davis has been a performing artist in Seattle for over 15 years. With her producing organization, The Stay Up Late Show, she’s been working with Shunpike since 2010. She’s keenly aware of the unique challenges and opportunities that may face an arts organization in Seattle, and is looking forward to getting to know Shunpike’s group further!

rebecca [at] shunpike [dot] org


Hanako O’Leary – Client Manager, Storefronts Program Coordinator

Hanako O’Leary hails from the grand suburban expanse of the “Chicago-land-area.” She started her art life at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, graduating with a BFA in Ceramic Sculpture. Feeling confined by the academic fine art world, she left the Midwest looking to interact with a more diverse public. Upon arriving in Seattle, she started working in cultural and community-based art nonprofits. As an arts administrator, she hopes to create opportunities for those working outside the traditional canon of institutional aesthetics. As a working artist in Seattle, Hanako is a painter and ceramic sculptor. She currently a resident artist at Seward Park Clay Studio.

hanako [at] shunpike [dot] org