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About Us 


  • Line Sandsmark, Executive Director

  • Corey Blaustein, Administrative, Marketing & Development Coordinator

  • Morgan Cahn, Storefronts Program Coordinator

  • Kelly O’Brien, Client Manager, Artist Programs & Services

  • Jessica Wesley, Client Manager, Artist Programs & Services

  • Claudia Defrance, Administrative Volunteer

Line Sandsmark, Executive Director

Line Sandsmark joined the Shunpike team as its Executive Director at the end of March 2016. Sandsmark’s international and local arts leadership experience includes working as producer or executive director for various film organizations in Scandinavia, in addition to her more recent roles as development director, then managing director of Northwest Film Forum. Her short films have been distributed through international festivals and broadcasters, and her work in the field of documentary financing and production has taken her all over the world. Sandsmark has also collaborated extensively with performing arts groups in theater, dance, and music.  She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Comparative Literature at the University of Washington, conducted post-graduate studies in Critical Theory at University of Paris – Sorbonne, and earned her MFA in Arts Leadership at Seattle University. She has authored commissioned reports on the viability and sustainability of film and cinema initiatives in both Norway and the Middle East, and has focused on similar issues facing the film and fashion sectors of the Pacific Northwest. The intersection of art and commerce is a recurring theme in Sandsmark’s work which fuels her passion and a commitment to sustainability in the arts sector.

Corey Blaustein, Administrative, Marketing & Development Coordinator

Corey joined Shunpike in April 2015. He received his Masters of Fine Arts Degree in Arts Leadership from Seattle University. His love and passion for music and arts has driven him to pursue a life devoted to the promotion of creativity and artistic expression. He has worked within marketing and communications for a variety of organizations from music production houses, to art galleries, to cultural and economic departments within local governments. His experiences and interests has steered his efforts toward helping small creative organizations and art groups develop meaningful and sustainable communications and marketing strategies.

Morgan Cahn, Storefronts Installation Coordinator

Morgan joined Shunpike in January 2015. She received her BA(Hons) in Fine Art from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, in Scotland. Her administrative experience started in Pittsburgh. She was invited to co-coordinate the Distillery Program at the Brew House after participating as an artist in that professional development residency. Morgan then joined the Flight School Fellowship as their first administrative coordinator. Flight School was conceived by Courtney Ehrlichman and is in partnership with Pittsburgh Filmmakers/Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. In Scotland, Morgan joined the collective Yuck ’n Yum, which promotes art that takes place outside of traditional gallery settings. Now Morgan is continuing to promote art in non-traditional places with the Storefronts program. Morgan is a practicing artist, working in cross-disciplines, and making things happen. She grew up in Seattle and used to put on punk shows in community centers with Blue Door Productions. She recently exhibited a solo exhibition with Smart Gallery in Aberdeen, Scotland. She collaborated with two artists in Aberdeen to create a project for the Inaugural Look Again Festival. She was commissioned by Hospitalfield as part of The Arbroath Template with Bob and Roberta Smith. Her work has been seen internationally, in London, Seattle, Pittsburgh, Dundee, Edinburgh, Berlin, Chicago, and other cities.

Kelly O’Brien – Client Manager

In October 2015, O’Brien was proud to bring his combination of legal, management, and academic skills to Shunpike to help it and the city to achieve their goal of expanding and diversifying the participants and audience for Settle’s Art endeavors as Shunpike’s newest Client Manager for Artist Programs & Services. Originally from the multicultural Caribbean nation, Trinidad & Tobago, O’Brien earned his undergraduate degree in English Literature at Atlanta, Georgia’s HBCU, Morehouse College. He went on to study Caribbean Literature & Culture, Ethnic & Third World Literatures, and Post-Colonial Theory at UT/Austin where he obtained his Master of Arts degree. Kelly also obtained his law degree from Seattle University School of Law in 2013, and worked for several years as a consumer debt advocate and case manager. He sees the role of non-profit organizations as integral to helping bridge the gaps left behind by government and the private corporations. Poor people, immigrants, minorities, and those with limited access to education are heavily dependent on non-profit organizations for health & human services, legal advice, tax help, and financial guidance.

Jessica Wesley, Client Manager


Jessica first discovered Shunpike while researching her Masters thesis in Performing Arts Administration at NYU. A self-proclaimed data geek, Jessica is life-long artist with a passion for using technology and innovative business practices to melt office busy work and make way for creative endeavors. Following her BA in Theatre from Tulane University, she spent five years working for science non-profits in DC and then NYC, before starting graduate school at NYU. With internships and work experience at arts non-profits in NYC, London, and now Seattle, she combines database, IT, and project management skills from the science world with creative passion that carries outside the workplace. Jessica enjoys a cappella singing and arranging, video games, and writing poetry, short scenes and stories, and the occasional post on her blog (ArtsTechChick.) She spends most weekends exploring the outdoors with her husband and her dog or curling up with her cat and a good book. Jessica joined the Future IT Taskforce at Shunpike in summer 2014, and officially started on staff as Client Manager in April 2015.