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Job Opportunities

Storefronts Installation Coordinator

Internship Opportunities

Shunpike has various opportunities for those that would like to learn more about working in arts administration in a fast-paced nonprofit organization. Shunpike’s internships are typically project-based and last at least 3 months.

Shunpike has worked with graduate and undergraduate interns, as well as those not currently in a degree program. All should feel welcome to apply!

To apply, send a cover letter with your specific proposal and a recent resume to programs[at]

“Interning at Shunpike was a great experience for me from the start. The knowledgeable staff created an office environment that is both productive and fun. Each member of the team believes in Shunpike’s mission and works tirelessly to achieve it. And, because the office is smaller, everyone has a chance to contribute and be a part of the team. I would definitely recommend this internship to anyone interested in non-profit arts administration. There’s no better place to learn.”

- Erika Manderscheid, Duke University graduate