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Spring into Action

Please make a donation to our annual, online fundraising campaign and help us reach our goal of $15,000!

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HIVE MIND is Live!

The Hive is now Live! Book now for HONEY: attracting resources & support.


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Become a Shunpike Member in 2015!

Shunpike Membership operates on a calendar year basis so start enjoying the benefits now!



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Arts Business Clinic

Our next ARTS BUSINESS CLINIC is on Wednesday April 1. Book now to secure your one-on-one consultation.

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Shunpike provides independent arts groups in Washington State with the services, resources, and opportunities they need to forge their own paths to sustainable success.


Get up close and personal with some of the arts groups Shunpike currently serves on our new Tumblr site.

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Arts Groups & Projects

Want to forge your own path to sustainable success in the arts? Shunpike can help.

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Arts Supporters 

Want to support independent art in your community? Shunpike can show you how.

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Fiscal Sponsorship

Start accepting tax-exempt donations for your arts group through our fiscal sponsorship program.

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Find out what workshops, classes, and events Shunpike has coming up.

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The Hive is Live! Join the swarm and connect with your arts peers!

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